Upturned Hips Big Eyes Silicone Doll Cute 140cm XiaoMi Chinese Students



Xiaomi’s background story

“I am very happy to be here, I am Xiaomi from China. Do you want to watch me dance? I believe that everyone who comes here is looking for happiness. Of course, I may let you reach a more exciting plain. Yes, you are ready to show me your most passionate side… “When Xiaomi just finished this sentence on the stage, the audience in the audience has already boiled, and the whole bar is crowded with audience. Cheers and cheers. She wore a student outfit and squirmed her body with the rhythm of music. She slowly took off her shirt and the entire D cup of breasts popped up immediately. She threw her clothes under the stage. Then she took off her pants and underwear. Hey, she is now dancing naked on the stage, her round breasts and her upturned ass make everyone unable to calm down…

She is a Chinese student studying in New York. She looks very much like a Chinese star. Recently, she often went to the bar to dance and earn tuition and living expenses. Do you want to have a strong sexual relationship with her? It depends on whether you can take her home.

Product features:

1.She is from China and she looks very much like a Chinese star.

2.She is made of silicone material, which is more realistic and durable.

3.Her interior contains a metal skeleton that can do any posture the human body can do.

4.She has a lovely face, sexy D cup breasts.

Xiaomi’s packing list:

1 * doll
1 * External caller pronunciation device
1 * Lower body heating rod
1 * washer
1 set of clothes
1 * blanket
1 *Gloves
(Note: clothes may differ from the picture, all items in the picture are for shooting only)


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