Thin Lips Japanese Girl 146CM D Cup Yedda Mark Big Eye TPE Doll




Yedda is a 19-year-old sports science student who likes to watch TV. She is kind and reliable and helps the old lady on the road cross the road. She is kind and reliable. She is Japanese and defines herself as bisexual. She is currently in college. Learn sports science. She has serious sausage phobias and is fascinated by zombie movies.
Physically, Yedda is in very good shape. She has an average height, fair skin, black hair and dark eyes. She grew up in the working class community. Her parents separated when she was young, but she was still a friend and offered a happy, stable home. She is single now. Her best friend is a student of sports science called Jasper. They like to drive together.
She is a Japanese-style sex doll. It has a D-cup breast and black big eyes. The skin is made of TPE material. It is very elastic. Take her home. You can live your fantasy every day.

Additional information


57.5 inches(146cm)


59.5 lbs(27kg)


29.1 inches(74cm)


18.1 inches(46cm)


29.9 inches(76cm)

Arm length

18.1 inches(46cm)

Foot length

8.3 inches(21cm)

Packing Size

57.5*17.8*13.4 inches(146*45*34cm)


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