Long Legs and Small Waist 150CM D Cup Silicone Sex Doll Cheryl Tout



She is a smart sex doll. She has a multi-touch pronunciation features for you to choose from.
“Do you want to talk to me about your favorite books? I believe we will be very happy. I recently fell in love with “Rocky”. It has a lot of places that appeal to me. The spirit it has concluded is so simple. Sincerely, this is because the core of it is through the delicate emotions, through the protagonist’s pursuit of dreams and the process of defeating and glory, embodying a kind of spiritual attitude that will never be defeated in life. The inspirational side of the point will make people feel so moved,” Cheryl said.

She is an American, born in a wealthy family, she is very kind. She is a volunteer. Regularly participate in condolences in poverty-stricken areas to help those in distress. She also likes to read books. She can find another self in the book, do you want to be her partner? You can imagine her tongue running up the lower side of your masculinity and then wrapping you up again when she falls again. Every time through her wonderful mouth, you will feel your control slipping from your body. Every part of her touch seems to be weakened in a happy surrender, as if your muscles have solidified on my bones. This is a pleasant, soothing feeling that spreads from the point of contact, relaxes your inner tension and guides you gently into your slavery.
Packing list:
1 *sex doll
1 * wig
1 *comb
1 set of * gloves
1 set * sexy underwear
1 *Vaginal heating rod
1 *Vaginal cleaning tool


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