Pink Small Breasts Asao Miko 100CM TPE Doll Flat Chest Companion

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Asao Miko is a bit angel who loves to get dressed up. At the equal time, she is also a touch devil with robust sexual desire. When you have best humans on your circle of relatives, you may discover that she continually needs you to invite for it. He longs to your chest. When she lies between your legs, her eyes are black and seductive.Buy youngster sex doll online ,She attracts the appeal of trendy Asian ladies. You licked your lips and nodded with desire. “i am ready, are you equipped?” she stammered.Buy teen sex doll online

She is a petite girl. When she saw you, she was amazed and shy smile, her neck turned into white and delicate as ivory, the cheeks had been purple powder, like the roses in complete bloom in can also, the darkish eyes under the sensitive eyebrows had been very bright.Buy teenager intercourse doll online

When the summer time is hot, the breeze blows through the open curtains in your bed. Asao could be very younger and skinny, wearing gentle white underclothes, no bra, her childish breasts shining from the heat. She appears to be an experienced lover, teaching you a way to give it, how to take delivery of it, how to proportion it, because this is all her thoughts, you’re in her hands now! At this point, your knees are curved, excessive inside the air, and your head is conserving an extra pillow next to her to comprehend her serene beauty and younger white pores and skin.Buy teen sex doll online

Asao’s packing listing:

(notice: clothes and different ornamental items in the picture are for shooting best. No longer blanketed within the container.)

Whilst purchasing this sex doll, the subsequent add-ons are continually protected in the shipping:
1 *sex doll
1 * wig
1 *comb
1 set of * gloves
1 set * sexy underwear
1 *Vaginal heating rod

1 *Vaginal cleansing tool

Additional information


39.4 inches(100cm)


28.7 lbs(13kg)


23.6 inches(60cm)


14.2 inches(36cm)


23.6 inches(60cm)

Arm length

12.2 inches(31cm)

Foot length

5.5 inches(14cm)

Packing Size

38.6*11.9*9.5 inches(98*30*24cm)


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