Muscle Big Cock TPE Male Doll Norton Dickey 160CM Blue Eyes for Women



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He has a strong feel of responsibility and justice. He is bent on bringing the pleasant service to every passenger.Buy male sex dolls online
“This lady, please fasten your seat belt and sit down to your seat. The aircraft is set to take off. You won’t tie it? Let me help you,” Norton stated.Buy male sex dolls online

He’s a flight attendant on an global flight and is accountable for responding to sudden conditions that passengers may also have. You met him whilst you were on the first flight. At this second when he helped you to wear a seat belt. He is good-looking. The face could be very close to your face, you may pay attention his breath near, and you feel your heartbeat speed up. Then you failed to manipulate yourself, kissed his good-looking face. He turned into also shocked with the aid of you. However as you could see from his eyes, he is likewise attracted by means of your splendor. His large cock has already grow to be hard and thick. He is ready to serve you, you need to take him domestic. Sense his huge cock and sensible skin. While you make love with him, you will be very painful, however that feeling is exceptional. You’ll fall in love with it. Purchase him now and allow him visit your home. Your satisfied pay.Buy male sex dolls online

Product capabilities:
1.He has the maximum popular healthful complexion – wheat complexion

2.He has a face as handsome as a excellent big name and sturdy body

3.TPE is a extraordinary fabric, very close to the texture of actual human beings

Four.He has a bigger penis than a ordinary man

5.He can always accompany you, will no longer betray

Norton Dickey’s packing listing:
1* intercourse doll
1* wig
1 set of sexy underwear
(horny underwear may be extraordinary from the image, all of the items in the image are for shooting purposes)

Recommended merchandise:
160CM Male TPE Doll Bernie

Additional information


63 inches(160cm)


66.2 lbs(30kg)


28.8 inches(73cm)


22.5 inches(57cm)


29.2 inches(74cm)


5.6 inches(14cm)


4.6 inches(11.5cm)

Arm length

23.7 inches(60cm)

Foot length

7.9 inches(20cm)

Packing Size

60.8*16.6*12.3 inches(154*42*31cm)


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